Step into the world of the Animal Kingdom – Interactive Children’s Book

Through your interactive journey, you will learn about some of the animals with whom we share this amazing planet.


Interactive Children's Books

Enjoy and explore the animal kingdom with a new interactive children’s book from Interactive Art. This book is packed full of interactive mammals, amphibians, birds and reptiles! More Interactive Children’s Books will be coming soon, including dinosaurs, insects, aquatic animals and others from Interactive Art.

Amazing Digital Journey

Interactive Art is excited to unveil the Animal Kingdom Interactive Animal Book, which brings art and education to life. This Interactive Animal Book defies the traditional boundaries of literature through modern technology and engaging visuals that takes readers on an interactive journey through a digital safari.

Augmented Reality Technology

Interactive Art’s Animal Kingdom brings art and education to life through the use of Augmented Reality technology, which is transforming the face of books, video games and education resources, as well as robotics and manufacturing, among others.

What People Are Saying About Animal Kingdom

“Reading a book has never been so fun! Incredible technology. Using with the book in AR mode is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. A must have for kids of all ages.”

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About Animal Kingdom

Through your interactive journey, you will learn about some of the animals with whom we share this amazing planet. Once you have downloaded your iA App, you will be ready to embark on the safari of a lifetime! Grab your passport and pack your bags because you are going on an adventure. Look for the photos in this book that have the colorful thumb print on the upper right-hand corner. Those are the ones that come to life through the App.

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Special Features

The Thumbprint

Pages with the thumbprint in the upper right-hand corner will come to life with your App. Just scan the page with the thumbprint and watch your book come to life!

Interactive Animal Cards

Included with your Animal Kingdom is a wonderful bonus feature, as we invite you to dive into the world of interactive animal cards.

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First, GO HERE and buy the book then go download the app from GOOGLE PLAY or ITUNES!

Interactive Art

Interactive Art invites you to enjoy, learn and interact with your favorite animals with this augmented reality App for Interactive Animal Books: Animal Kingdom.


Interactive Technology

Bring Your Book To Life!

Spin The Planet

Spin around the world to find animals!

Tap To Learn

Tap on an animal to learn about their location and habitat!

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