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Augmented Reality: What It Is and How It Enhances the Visual Experience

Augmented Reality technology is transforming the face of books, video games and education resources, as well as robotics and manufacturing. According to Webopedia, “Augmented Reality is a type of virtual reality that aims to duplicate the world’s environment in a computer. An augmented reality system generates a composite view for the user that is the combination of the real scene viewed by the user and a virtual scene generated by the computer that augments the scene with additional information.1” Therefore, whereas virtual reality aims to completely replace one’s reality with a digital one, augmentation takes what is happening in real-time and introduces an interactive virtual world. Augmented Reality began with scientist Morton Heilig in 1962, who patented a device called the “Sensorama Stimulator2” – the first version of virtual reality. The Stimulator was meant to help teach by putting people in digital environments with potential hazards without the possibility of real harm. Then, in 1968, Bob Sproull released a “head-mounted2” display that is considered to be the first Augmented Reality system. In the last twenty years, Augmented Reality has expanded to be used during sporting events, video games, medical training, print media, and more. 2 These days, something as simple as a transforms their experience into a digital adventure, demanding attention and engagement and appealing to those with visual learning styles. While Augmented Reality has been around for quite a while, it is finding its way into many different industries as it develops, changing the game for education, technology and entertainment. Many people are becoming more comfortable with Augmented Reality through the release of Google Glass and interactive video game...

Is Apple Setting its Sight on Augmented Reality?

By: Amber Source: Last month, we heard that Apple was working on virtual reality. Now according to analysts, Apple might be developing an augmented reality device in the long run. A few days back at the Apple Event, the Apple Watch was revealed along with other innovations. The company has its primary focus now on the release of the Apple Watch which will take place on 24th April. Gene Munster, a senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, said in an investor’s note that industry contacts have claimed that Apple has already a small team which has been given the responsibility of researching and experimenting with AR. Read Also – Blippar Unveils Visual Browser to Augment Real-World Objects Experimenting with Augmented Reality Gene Munster believes that augmented reality “has the potential to be as profound a technology platform as the smartphone today.” He also said that he thinks Apple has the potential to develop products that consumers would truly want to use, unlike the prototype AR devices that are available in the market today. We all know by now, that augmented reality is quite different than virtual reality. In VR, the users are completely immersed in a virtual world, whereas in augmented reality, digital information is overlaid on the real world. AR technology has the potential to be used in many applications like traffic information, navigation overlay, points of interest, etc. View image on Twitter Mainstream Adoption- a Long Way to Go Munster believes that mainstream adoption of AR isn’t expected to happen for at least 10 years. There are many hurdles which Apple will face. One of them includes...

Dueling Realities

By: Ava Kofman Source: Augmented-reality systems could edge out virtual reality and re-imagine human perception in the process. After coordinating scientific research for the United States during World War II, including initiating the Manhattan Project, the engineer Vannevar Bush set his sights on a pacifist instrument for world knowledge. In the July 1945 issue of The Atlantic, Bush outlined his vision for a head-mounted camera attached to “a pair of ordinary glasses” that would record comments, photographs, and data from scientific experiments: “One can now picture a future investigator in his laboratory. His hands are free, and he is not anchored.” His “camera … of the future,” no “larger than a walnut,” worn on “a pair of ordinary glasses … where it is out of the way of ordinary visions” was in many ways a forerunner of today’s augmented-reality devices. For decades we’ve been inching closer to popular augmented-reality technologies to enhance the physical world—each new iteration promising to turn the entire world into a computing interface—but only in the past couple of years have headsets no longer needed to be enormous, bulky, and expensive, and superimposed images advanced beyond thin lines. * * * Coined in the 1990s, “augmented-reality” describes any technology that overlays digital interfaces onto the physical world. Unlike virtual reality, which immerses you in a simulation using stereoscopic 3D on a screen in front of your eyes, augmented-reality technologies embed opaque holograms directly into the environment. As early as 1990, assembly workers at Boeing were wearing see-through head displays that superimposed computerized images of where to place the wires on the 777 aircraft, which...

A Day for Children 2014

On Sunday, October 26th, 2014 Interactive Animal Books was at the Flamingo Road Nursery. Interactive Animal books featured their new Augmented Reality Interactive Animal Book called “Animal Kingdom!” At the event, the guests got to pose with the interactive animal of their choice, and have their picture taken with the animal. The children had a lot of fun and made some great memories. Click HERE to view the image gallery from that event. (The gallery is password protected… you must have been provided a password in order to access the...



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